Ömer Öner

Turkish ceramic artist, combines different making techniques to create (un)functional unique pieces and avoid any repetition.

Ömer is spired by found objects and their creative potential in forming new bodies of work. He focuses on the idea of repurposing waste objects’ forms by regenerating and assembling them in highly crafted new ceramics forms. He finds the transition process fascinating, inserting his practice into a historic tradition of using clay as an imitative and reproduction material.

Ömer employs mould-making and slip-casting practices to replicate and multiply the original objects. These are derived from found objects, discards of individual things or leftovers of bigger objects: door handles, bed knobs, scrap wood, plastic, glass and metal furniture fragments. He sees them not as trash, but as sources of opportunity and inspiration.

To preserve the form of found objects, he copies their forms in plaster moulds, then in the clay replicas through the slip casting or press mould processes. The characteristics of each part are still distinguishable in the new body of work, but their original function is replaced with another function.

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