Omer Oner

Turkish ceramic artist, combines different making techniques to create (un)functional unique pieces and avoid any repetition.

Artist’s statement

Omer originally studied medieval history which has impacted greatly on his creative thinking and visualization. His passion is to combine vessels, inspired from damaged, eroded, scared objects and landscapes by nature or human interference, each of them comes with unique textures and constantly changing surfaces which are an embodiment of the time and ageing process. He makes every-day objects by blurring the boundaries between functionality and his memory of architecture of Turko-Islamic heritage; mosques, tombs, gravestones, fountains, and Byzantine churches and aqueducts.

Omer’s work starts with coiling or wheel-throwing of the main body, then finishes with hand-building, using more of the artistic sense of sculpting. Monochrome, smooth surfaces, highly refined edges are being avoided to make sure no-two-alike in form and outer appearance. The surface is treated heavily with iron oxide wash which reacts with the glaze and texture, allowing the viewer to discover something new and different each time.

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