We are pleased to announce SHOP LONDON; A viewing and sales room featuring London based artist potters, hosted on Studio Pottery London online.
SHOP is an initiative that invites friends, peers, and colleagues around the world to buy work from our membership of Studio Pottery London who present a focused presentation of their work.

David Balkind

David makes coiled ceramic vessels, expressing their method of construction as decoration, influenced by his architectural background and African roots

Max Breese

Max’s work is thrown, and driven by how it functions, for example how a flared or collared neck makes a vase easier to hold in your hand

David McGuire

David makes functional and one-off pieces focusing on line and form

Studio Pottery London

A bowl, made by hand, is at the centre of human living from prehistory to the present day. A humble object speaking of shared food and friendship, of life and celebration.

Deborah Brett

Deborah’s ceramics focus on the fluidity of form and the alchemy, colour and texture of glazing on pieces that are both functional and sculpturally decorative

Paul Brooker

Paul creates large forms with a focus on graphic finishes

Karine Hilaire

Karine’s background in fashion and textiles translates into a love for pattern and strikingly textured ceramic pieces.

Younggi Seo

Young Gi’s practice is inspired by traditional and contemporary interpretations of Korean pottery.

Omer Oner

Turkish ceramic artist, combines different making techniques to create (un)functional unique pieces and avoid any repetition.

Tina Forrester

One of the more established members of Studio Pottery London. Tina’s fine forms are delicate and utterly unique.