Hannah Yeadon

Artist’s statement

Hannah Yeadon is a ceramic artist working in London and Oxford. She studied at Camberwell school of art and graduated in 1994 in ceramics, her tutors included Gillian Lowndes and Ewen Henderson.

After leaving Camberwell she moved to Oxford and became a ceramics teacher and a practising ceramicist. In 2018 she completed her MA in Ceramics at Bath school of art and design and was awarded a distinction.┬áThe theme of Yeadon’s work is about the transforming effects of art on society, she uses her work as a vehicle for self-realisation, renewed hope for the future, spiritual uplift and social transformation.

Her current work are pillows containing dreams. A series of ceramic pieces made during the pandemic. She imbues her work with her intentions, almost awakening and summoning forth every clay cell to resonate with her hope and desires for a better world.